Rusty Mitchell

Revisiting the iconography of Apple Maps

Revisiting the iconography of Apple Maps

An updated examination of the point of interest (POI) icons in Apple Maps reviewing additions, subtractions, and revisions from iOS 8 to iOS 12.

Free iOS 9.3 iPhone UI kit for Illustrator and Sketch

The most complete, most up-to-date, most accurate, and most thoughtfully structured iOS 9 UI kit available for Illustrator and Sketch. Absolutely free!

More than you ever wanted to know about Apple’s Spotlight location icons

An in-depth look at Apple’s Spotlight and Maps icons along with an examination of the breadth and harmony of the set.

Turn those gray clouds blue: common issues setting up Apple’s Family Sharing feature

Family Sharing makes the process of sharing content between family members easier and more robust, but it is still a somewhat complex feature to setup. Learn about some of the frustrations we encountered setting up Family Sharing along with a few workarounds.

iOS 8 Illustrator Vector UI Kit update

A review of some of the subtle changes between iOS 7 and iOS 8, along with a free download for an iOS 8 Illustrator vector UI kit for iPhone and iPad.

Free iOS 7 Illustrator vector UI kit for iPhone and iPad

Information on why we continue to use Illustrator for mobile mockups, with a free link to download an iOS 7 Illustrator vector UI kit for iPhone and iPad.

The psychology of waiting, loading animations, and Facebook

A review of how users respond to active and passive waiting, along with a story of how Facebook adjusted their loading animation to offload blame to the operating system.

Why build iPhone app mockups in vector format?

From sticking with what you know to planning for the future, learn why Mercury uses Illustrator to create our iPhone mockups.

iPhone UI vector elements

Mercury’s first free Illustrator vector UI kit download. Built for iPhone OS (iOS) 2.0.